Friday, May 4, 2012

my creative space - surprises!

The bad thing about my personal postal system is that due to the way that my husband is employed here, my postal adress is in a city which is a 10-hour drive away from where I live. I feel that it's safer and sometimes quicker for my post to be brought over from the UK!
The good thing is that sometimes I get a couple of nice surprises in one go!

Surprise number 1 was of the posty kind. I got this beautiful tea wallet and a selection of teas (because you know coffee is just so overrated!) from Callieknit!

Lately, my special treat has been to slowly work my way through this

so I was quite surprised to find some Republic of Tea, Blood Orange Chocolate Red Tea. Oh the aroma alone is enough to soothe the soul! Then there was some Numi, Red Mellow Bush Rooibos Tea and some of Teavana's Tranquil Dreams Herbal Tea. Have you tried any of these? Angie also sent me a recipe for chocolate chip scones!

Surprise number two was also a posty kind of the handmade joy variety but I will have to wait a bit before sharing that with you!

Surprise number three was very much in line with my perfect crafting day! I had heard of a new yarn shop in Jeddah, on the Saudistitchers group on Ravelry. I finally got to have a quick look yesterday and yes, ma sha Allah it's got to be the best I've seen here! It's called Arts and Crafts and it's in Sultan Mall. I picked up these

but they have all sorts of dk, and aran (which are usually hard to find here), needles and hooks, all sorts of goodies!

And I'm still playing around with the cotton.

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What's your creative space looking like?

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  1. such bautiful gifts and surprises!I love Rooibos tea..and with chocolate..hmmmh this is perfect!

  2. What delicious surprises! :) Even the yarn is delicious to look at! Have fun playing with it. I love getting surprises in the mail (Don't we all?) - enjoy playing with all your goodies. :)

  3. mashaAllah I love those new yarns you picked up! the colors are really gorgeous and perfect for spring/summer.

    I love orange chocolate too!! We have these orange chocolates that are in the shape of an orange and you have to break it open into slices... have you seen those??

  4. I can't imagine not having your post delivered to you directly!! That would be terrible for me but, as you say, when you do get your post you get lots of nice surprises. That Lindt chocolate is one of my favourites!!! And your yarn looks gorgeous too.

  5. Hey doll, just dropping by to see how you doing? Miss you. All my lofe

  6. I love that tea wallet and all the goodies you received. The dark orange chocolate bar is one of my favorites. Yum! You'll have to share the chocolate chip scones recipe. If its got chocolate chips, my 13 year is bound to eat it. :) Look forward to seeing your handmade joy! Happy creating! Best wishes, Tammy P.S. Our postal system is ridiculous here

  7. Eye candy! Eye candy! Such beauty on your blog, Ishrat!

    Glad you got two surprises at once! Tea with dark chocolate is oh so good. I've never tried chocolate tea before, though!

    That yarn shop sounds divine!

    Hope you're having a good week!

  8. Yummy....the flowers are really cute, lovely colors.

  9. Oh wow.. look at all this loveliness.. gotta love surprises!!! .. especially craft ones :)

  10. Beautiful yarn creates beautiful work.
    Can you please share the written pattern for those flowers and granny square


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