Thursday, May 14, 2009

thursday morning picnic

Today we were all up bright and early and raring to go. Dd9 had asked me, earlier in the week, if I could make pancakes on the weekend for a "balcony breakfast". With the weather being so cool and breezy, I thought we should go one better. We had picnic weather here in Jeddah! Ma sha Allah.

So, we got some breakfast ready and carted the clan off for some outdoor space time! We drove a littleLooked out of the window a bit more.

And ended up here...

Is that Sudan over there???

It was lovely ma sha Allah. We had our brekkie ...

and enjoyed the beautiful sea breeze ...

and the splashes of cool water at our feet.

The kids collected shells and stones and seaweed(?)

After a pleasant morning ma sha Allah, on our way home we drove past some of Jeddah's free-for-all art ...

Some mosques ...

and this ...

I really don't know if this is someone's home or an official building.
ETA: It turns out to be a princess's palace!


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