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Saturday, November 12, 2011

currently loving ...

This beautiful crocheted top! In perfect colours!

That I can make my brown couscous and peas much more exciting with some pomegranate!

It did the same for my salad too, just like Joy's.

I love this yarny gift wrapping!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pretty packaging

... is something I'm always drawn too. I really like these.

Bottlegreen drinks. The pomegranate and elderflower tastes good too! Yes, they have it here for a whopping 6 riyals (which is about £1 but it's "whopping" because most drinks cost between 2 and 4 riyals).

And they had this limited edition pink bottle last month.

I saw this during the summer and had to have a sniff just because of the bottle. The scent is a lovely jasmine-y one.


I like Zain's new, fun look too. No, not enough to make me switch. I don't fall into marketing traps that easily! 


What do you think? What are you drawn too?


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