Sunday, July 5, 2009

creamy fish soup

Yesterday, I had some fish I'd kept aside (I'd used the rest in the fish pie) so I decided to make fish soup! This is a really easy recipe that I got from my other half(!) and it's a crowd-pleaser too! Oh and don't forget, Ramadan's not too far away. Who doesn't want a quick and easy, yummy soup for Iftar?

Creamy Fish Soup
About 1/2 kg of any white fish* 
1 chopped onion
4-5 carrots (if we have pumpkin lying around we use that)
3-4 plum tomatoes (fresh, skinned tomatoes are fine too)
a little chopped ginger
2 bay leaves
green chillies or red chilli powder (or none if you can't 
take the heat :) )
salt to taste

a little oil to fry it all in
*You don't actually need so much. It's a good way of using up left over uncooked fish bits. 

Fry all of the ingredients together in a big pot until it's a bit like this:

You need the heat high enough that it all browns but not too high that it burns!
Then add boiling water to the pot. You might need to add about 2 litres. I just go by the consistency. Let it boil and then leave to simmer until the fish an
d carrots are cooked through. All that's needed next is to remove the bay leaves and blend the whole thing. We use an electric hand blender to pulverise it all. That's it!


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