Tuesday, October 6, 2009

jijel, algeria

Almost 2 months ago we landed in Algeria and one of my first thoughts as we made our way out of the airport building was "This is my kind of weather!" It was still warm but much cooler than the Saudi summer! With Ramadan not a long way off from then we managed to squeeze in a trip to Jijel, a coastal city, east of the capital, Algiers.
We drove though various towns along the way and took a slightly different route on the way back. Seeing all the different landscapes, buildings, colours and even animals made up for the long and tiring journey.

Did you know I was in to Civil Engineering and Architecure in general?

The Berber regions of Bejaia and Tizi Ouzou were so interesting: signs in the old Tamazigh language, hearing people speaking it and seeing the Kabyle (Berber) dresses and pottery at the roadside. Due to the countries recent history of terrorism, the roads that cut through the forest, in these regions, are even more heavily guarded by gendarmarie and army police.


Sunny days were spent at quiet beaches and the rainy day was spent exploring nearby towns and gorges!

I love the sea!

Remnants of French occupation.

Did I say I was in to Civil ...?

We had a beautiful walk through the river at Ziama Mansouria.

Along the riverbank we could fill our water bottles with cool, mineral water for free or even enjoy a cup of refreshing mint tea.

Evenings were spent at the local zoo and eating pizza and grills by the sea!


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