Friday, December 7, 2012

my creative space - cravings

This week there has been more unconventional crochet and unconventional filling of said unconventional crochet. The plastic to fill the bean bags came from various sources (ie. construction sites and companies with plastic packaging to dispose of).

There were nine women involved in the birth of these babies! They were HUGE, H.E.A.V.Y. and 100% plastic!!!

As amazing as it is to be involved in the trochet project (a project that aims to give financial aid to needy women by recognising some of their creative talents), this weekend, comfort crochet was in order. The mindless, mindful kind (because yarn crafts can never really be mindless!), the kind that has you appreciating the feel of yarn fibres, the kind that calls for colour play and the kind that's easier on the wrists. Our household is trying to get used to schooling and working outside of the home, we're trying to ease in to it, and we share our woes about missing being at home more, surprisingly. At times like this, I find crafting especially therapeutic and I crave it!

I'm working my way through some serious de-stashing, while rushing to finish an online course (yes, not quite as relaxing as I'd hoped).

I'm working my way through some long-term wips. Details coming soon in sha Allah.

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