Tuesday, January 20, 2009

in need of a little colour

This week, begins for me with not as much "get-up-and-go". As I sat here sipping water with a twist of lemon (it's so refreshing!) I thought of how much I gain from other people's blogs. I love bright, colourful, cheery blogs. So, how about I share a little colour and a little craft with the wonderful readers of this humble blog (aswell as one or two other things!).
Some of the inhabitants of this home have been feeling a little poorly. So freshly squeezed orange juice with a spoon of honey was at hand.

Some glass jars were found lurking at the back of the kitchen cupboards. I love recycling glass jars and bottles and decanting things in to them.

The olive oil and honey came over from Algeria in plastic bottles and some home-made lemon cordial goes in to the green bottle.

The other jars were painted by the little people and one insisted on filling them with home-made cookies to take to school!

She also constructed this using coloured paper/card, glue, scissors, glitter glue and a little help. It's called "Ash-Shaati'" (The Beach). Ma sha Allah.

A little planting was done. This is a bean seed that I put in a glass straight-edged bowl with kitchen towels (that were watered when they were dry). This is after 3 days.

And later in the same day! Ma sha Allah. It was a good science lesson too!

We've been working on Times Tables. We used visual methods to understand the concept. I got my yarn and arranged it on the floor to make the outline of "money bags". Then I put coins in the bags. This was an easy way to teach the commutative law (it's been a while, maybe I've used the wrong term there! :P ) I made 3 money bags and put 2 coins in each one (3 x 2 = 6) and then re-shaped the yarn to make 2 bags and put 3 coins in each (2 x 3 = 6). Once the basics were understood, they just had to complete the tables themselves (in individual notebooks) and learn them off. I don't think there's a better method than simple, rote learning when it comes to multiplication tables. I'm letting each one dictate the pace they go at. 

Yesterday, a special Friday breakfast was enjoyed in the recently-cleaned, balcony.

And I finally finished off a crochet project. It's a toiletry/travel bag. For someone special.


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