Monday, May 25, 2009

knit one ...

My Mum introduced me to knitting when I was about 9 years old. Funny enough, I never saw her knit. But she had bought me a pair of 4mm needles and some yellow yarn. I remember finding it a bit tedious at first, but once I discovered the effects of putting knits and purls together in different combinations, I began to enjoy it. My aunt used to encourage me. So, I got started on a sweater for a baby cousin. That was my first knitting project and it was ... terrible. But that led to other jumpers and cardigans albeit not too many and then a long break from the needles. I rediscovered them about 12 years after first learning while I was expecting baby number 1. There's something special about knitting a blanket for your baby-to-be. The most recent project was this blanket for baby no. 4 that I made last year.

Now, knitting and I have a funny sort of relationship (especially since I learnt to crochet!), but I would like to introduce my children to these skills too. My eldest turned 9 earlier this year. Have you taught your kids to knit or crochet? How did it go? Tips and advice would be much appreciated!


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