Tuesday, October 13, 2009

algiers: botanical beauty

We don't have a garden. We have a balcony though and we do use it. We dry our washing in it, we occasionally have breakfast in it, sometimes tea or coffee and I've even tried planting things in it. That didn't work out well for me. It gets very dirty and dusty and the construction work infront of us doesn't help. So we have our balcony-washing ritual, where the kids get to splash about and pour water on each other. Bustill, it's not a garden, which is why the kids were more than happy to play out in grandma's garden in Algiers. They walked about and ran around and got there slippers all muddy. They took seeds to sow and watched the shoots grow. And my first-born took my phone and took some photos:


My mil has a whole host fruit trees ma sha Allah. The oranges were not yet ready, but we caught some grapes, pomegranates and figs.

And I got a shot of these red chillies in my sil's garden.

We got to visit a beautiful botanical garden called Jardin D'Essai. It's a garden in which they conduct botanical experiments and the like and they have a little zoo in it too. The French set it up many moons ago and it has recently been "tidied up" and re-opened. Here are some of the photos:


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