Saturday, October 6, 2012

local artists (and geeks) - geekfest gamma!

Geekfest Jeddah is just days away! A gathering of geeks! Here in Jeddah! My kids have asked me a number of times, "What's a geek?" and I've always said something along the lines of "someone who's passionate about something, so passionate about it, they want to talk about it ... all the time ... in detail ... it's cool ..." by this time, they're probably thinking "You're being geeky about Geekfest"! 

Poster by Graphytes

Now, I never really thought of myself as a "geek" but I know that if I find someone who loves what I love, I can go on and on about it. Obviously, I blog about most of these things. But one of my passions that I don't go in to too much detail about here, is Graphic Design. I think it's because I tend to look at it as a "job" ... even though it's not my job ... really. But I would love to meet other designers and artists in general! So I'm quite excited about that part of it. 

This will be Geekfest Gamma, held at 5 pm to 10 pm on Thursday 11th October at The Store, Jeddah, so of course there has to have been an Alpha and Beta, which I couldn't get to. But hey, in sha Allah, I will be there this time! If you're in Jeddah and also have geeky tendencies, check out the facebook page! It's by invitation only! You can follow on twitter or instagram too! Have a look and you'll se why I'm excited! 

There will be ArtStuff, GeekTalks, GameFest, something to eat and drink of course and TechnoCases (companies that will be participating). At the Gamma, the TechnoCases are Samsung, Virgin Megastore and Graphytes, a local design company that seem to have a great workshop lined up! Can't wait!


diana | nessreen October 6, 2012 at 11:59 PM  

You know what's even BETTER?!

You'll meet a bunch of geeks who get together once a week to crochet. TO CROCHET. I mean, destiny, or what?

Seaweed and Raine October 7, 2012 at 12:21 PM  

I'm married to the quintessential geek - so I'd have to say I think it's great! Geeks are brilliant people, wouldn't you say?

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