Monday, November 12, 2012

10. time savers

Here are some of my time savers! 

Colour palette tools - a great selection of tools to help with colour selection in design work

Photoshop actions - Do you use these in photoshop? 

Pinterest - for saving all my finds (be they design ideas, recipes, tutorials, diy tips, book recommendations) in one place and for being inspired by others as opposed to saving pictures on my computer like I ised to!

Google Reader - all my reads in one place!

Skitch - I can snap, note down and sketch my ideas on my phone, so I don't waste time trying to remember what I wanted to do with a certain design or even a ball of yarn!

My phone - I use it to follow patterns, watch youtube videos stitch tutorials and inspirational videos
It's a Samsung S2 and I LOVE it!

My kids - They wash dishes, do kitchen prep, and a few other jobs that save me time! OK, that was supposed to be funny ... but it's true!


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