Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5. happy

That last post was a bit sneaky right? But, the fact of the matter is that although I love creating things with my hands, lately those "hands of time" have been dictating what I can and can't do. 

And yes, yesterday was day 5 of #amonthof #mycreativespace but some days are such that you have to go looking for the "happy" in it. You know, like when your legs are aching from a workout and you can't walk straight. One can be a grouch about it or one can feel happy that they can feel their legs and feel the affect of their hard work! This made me realise that blogging when you feel happy is so much easier than looking for that happy whether you're feeling it or not. Yes, I know that last sentence isn't grammatically correct! 

So even when there are reasons not to be happy, there are always reasons to BE happy. 

I've been unhappy about missing my family and a wonderful family wedding. But I was happy to cook and eat a lamb and pineapple curry that my Dad used to make and healthy coconut balls (by chance) that reminded me of my grandmother.

I've been unhappy about not finishing some works-in-progress. But I'm happy to have spent some time on this

and finishing this

This beanbag was made with a lot of help from one of our Trochet ladies. She made up two panels and I made the third and put it together. 

Speaking of Trochet, we had a lovely introductory session yesterday. It was a small gathering but lots of brainstorming occurred and that was the main purpose of getting together. It's quite challenging to get something like this off the ground in a city like Jeddah, which is not so tuned in to recycling, but every little helps. Knowing that it will help a huge community of people that need financial assistance, keeps us going. Meeting new minds and laughing with new souls, is something to be happy about too!  


Sketched Soul November 7, 2012 at 4:07 AM  

As-salaamu'alaykum dearest sis,
Love your post..yup, they are always reasons to be happy *and unhappy* - just depends on how you view things.

wow@the beanbag! you ladies did a wonderful job.

Keep smiling :)

Maryam November 7, 2012 at 12:44 PM  

mashallah look great and I'm loving the blue yarn too!

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