Saturday, November 7, 2009

seeing red

I'm Asian. My husband is not. I've been married for over a decade and I still get asked the "all-important" question: "Does he eat spicy food?" 

I had these in my fridge

The Main Man bought them and they reminded me of how often I've been asked about the chilli-content of his diet when I was always the one who couldn't handle the heat in a spicy curry! These days though, I crave it and the hot sauce is always out! [In case anyone is worried wondering, no. No, bun in the oven.] 

But I'm not blogging about all of that. I just wanted to share their intense colour with you.  For a while, I couldn't bring myself to use them, so I preserved them in some vinegar.

They sat on the worktop for my viewing pleasure. I chopped up a couple of them yesterday and used them in a baked fish dish alongside julienned carrots, fennel, spring onions, ginger and a little lemon. They played their part well! 


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