Thursday, March 11, 2010

sew encouraging

I'm stumped! I'm pretty blown away at the reponse so far to my first item of clothing.  I was so grateful to all the bloggy comments I got to my little cushion post.  But I LOVE crochet!  My relationship with sewing is not quite the same though.  So your words of encouragement are so very appreciated. 

Being able to crochet and use a sewing machine somewhat, just broadens the range of items one can create.  I love that.
As I continue to sew ... rip ... sew, my mind wanders back to when I first laid hands on a sewing machine.  I was nervous!  I hesitantly let my foot press the pedal (just like I did when I first got in to the driver's seat of a car).  Crazy, I know.  I had a friend walk and talk me through it.  What a help it is to have someone do that!  It's just the same when I read your kind words and excellent tips.  The funny thing is that I grew up going to my nan's house regularly and watching her sew up clothes for us in a flash.  I just never thought to learn or give it a go myself.  Now, when I use this borrowed-from-lovely-sister-in-law sewing machine, childhood memories come flooding back too.  Of fitting sessions, the buzz of the machine, the chatter of mother and daughter.

In my excitement of almost finishing something wearable, I forgot to mention a little fabric backstory.  The fabric that I used (and the one I'm using) were given to my then 7 year old by a tailor at one of the fabric shops here in Jeddah.  He handed her the "scraps" and said she could have dolls' clothes made out of them!  

By the way, the ric rac idea came from this post, where you'll find a link to the pattern.  


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