Friday, April 30, 2010

my creative space ... not & swap joy

... was yesterday!  And I couldn't upload a single picture for my post.  Not one!  My DSL connection is going at dial-up speed and it's so annoying! 

Yesterday I had also planned to take the kids to this educational workshop called "Me and My Body", but my 10 year old has been feeling really poorly. So we stayed in.

There was something that brought joy to me though, yesterday morning. I was so excited that my little package had travelled all the way from Saudi Arabia and made its way to New Zealand. Via Saudi Post I must add. It took a little time but it got there in the end, with no bank-breaking delivery charges (you'd be surprised what some of those companies charge!) And I must also add that I am SO VERY relieved too that it didn't go missing. Thank you Saudi Post (all of that after my frustration with Saudi Telecom)!

Sarah has already blogged about it so I shall direct you to her lovely corner of the blogosphere. I can't upload pics anyway, remember? I do hope that Sarah and her girls liked it. And thank you Kate for organising the swap in the first place and then following it all up to make sure everyone got their goodies!

As always, check out some proper creative spaces here!


Sarah May 1, 2010 at 12:39 AM  

Here, here to Saudi Post!!! And thank goodness too after all that hard work. Like is not a word I would use to describe your gifts, love is. They are truly fabulous thank you. Did you get the email from my girls? They just love their gifts so much.

I hope you manage to upload some photos soon, it's just not the same without pictures is it?

Amanda May 7, 2010 at 11:12 AM  

Awww the more and more I see the results of that swap I am sad I didn't get to play along. Your contribution was beautiful as well as the added extra's...Love them all.

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