Saturday, January 14, 2012

here we are then

I finally have a bit of time on my hands, for my first post of 2012! My hours at work are reduced and I hope and desperately pray that I can get some things done. I am a list-maker but I hate looking at lists that have uncrossed items on them. Perhaps I should keep them in my head? The kids are off school and I hope I can get them to be a bit more productive too. Oh, ok since you twist my arm, some to-dos for the next 2 weeks:

go to the park more/have a picnic
review Qur'an
set up a practical, part-time, de-schooling program for my schooled children(!)
work on design portfolio
tutorials tutorials tutorials
help set up a workshop for children on emergency preparation
organise this here space
exercise everyday

Of course there are more! But it's always great to throw in some have dones!

We took a walk by the Corniche

and the marina.

I cooked rotis/chapatis! This took me down memory lane. We don't normally eat home-made rotis when we eat Asian food, so it's a big deal. I was inspired by an American friend who made delicious ones recently ma sha Allah.  

And started a knit project AND loving it (thanks to continental knitting and Norwegian purling)! The only thing is, I might end up unraveling this!

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