Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I've spent so many years away from you
Just catching rare glimpses here and there,
And now you are in my life once more
But I am still caught unaware

I mean not to be ungrateful
For your refreshing gusts of wind,
Your showers of rain and biting cold
And the change in temperature you bring

The sniffles and coughs and other ills
Do often get me down,
As does the limited warm sunshine
Whenever you're in town

But then, I get to indulge a bit more
In soups and various hot drinks,
Creamy custards and piping-hot puddings
And lemons, oranges and mandarins

Cozy crocheted blankets and various hand-knits,
I love, as they really are the best -
Thing about you being here and
Make you a welcomed guest!

Chrea National Park - the snow up there, brought us a whole load of cold down here!


sharon February 8, 2017 at 6:41 PM  

It's about now that I really yearn for spring. Our seeds for the vegetable beds have arrived and I must rein in my eagerness to sow them under the grow lights in the basement. Too soon.
Plants I've been wintering over indoors are beginning to show signs of stress. Potted plants in the garage and potting shed, still dormant, long for the out of doors.
I remind myself there are chores to do outside that are suitable for February, like clearing winter damaged limbs, pruning the grapes, cutting back the skeletons of last year's perennials.
And there's still plenty of time for indoor pursuits such as quilting, and cross stitch, crochet and paper arts that usually have to wait in the crush of the summer growing season.
But the restlessness of late winter makes it difficult to concentrate or motivate myself.
It is the postings of friends around the globe, photos of their handwork and writings of their thoughts, that lift me up and carry me over the roadblocks.
Thank you for this lovely post and the grace it brings. For intersecting our lives and reminding me of how much we are alike wherever we are.

Jamal Mohamed March 15, 2017 at 5:08 PM  

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